• Tilite Alloy

    Many of our Dentists have been using Tilite alloy for two years now and find that it compares very favourably with precious alloys in the following ways:

    • In trials, porcelain bond strength unsurpassed in ceramic alloys
    • Colour (shade) reproduction
    • Compatibility to most high fusing porcelains
    • Polishes to same sheen and colour

    It also has the following advantages over precious alloys:

    • It is harder, thus there is less flexing of alloy. This is a big advantage in bridgework as well as crowns
    • Marginal fit is better than precious alloy
    • Less alloy cost results in cheaper crowns and bridges and no metal excess charges on bridgework, implant work and crowns with only porcelain facing etc.

  • Introductory offer for new clients

    First crown or denture - half price

    Other offers

    £50 off your first implant case